Finding a Pet-Friendly Rental Property

Owning a pet can be a challenge at times, especially if you need a rental property to live in. It can be difficult to find pet-friendly apartments or houses. Unfortunately, many landlords that accept pets do not keep those properties as clean and up-to-date in anticipation of the pets doing damage to the property.

However, this does not mean you can’t find a good place to rent if you own a pet. You will just need to have a lot of patience and do your research and before you know it, you and your furry friend will moving into your new home.

Most landlords have a no pet policy because they fear for the damage that a pet can potentially cause to a property. But just because you have a pet does not mean your pet will do damage to your residence and it does not mean you can’t find a nice place to call home.

Another reason that landlords can be sour against the idea of pets in their rental is the potential for noise and complaints from neighbors. This is primarily an issue in apartment buildings where you are living in close proximity.

Even if the property you are interested in has a no-pet policy, it can’t hurt to try and sway the landlord’s decision. This is even more common in independent rentals as opposed to large apartment complexes. Provide your landlord with a resume for your pet. It should include socialization classes, behavior training, a note from your vet regarding your pet’s demeanor, and even references from previous neighbors and landlords.

If you can prove to your landlord that your pet has up-to-date vaccinations, is healthy and behaved, and has had no history of aggression or problems, you may have a good chance of changing their decision. It certainly can’t hurt to try.

You might also consider asking your prospective landlord to come to your current residence and meet your pet. This will give him an idea of the condition of your current home after you and your pet have lived there and also give him a chance to meet your pet for himself.

Ensure you get permission for any pets you might have, not just dogs and cats. It is important to be honest about your pets and make sure that your landlord is aware of their presence. And remember, get any agreements you make with your landlord in writing.

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